You may contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety directly to complete your renewal yourself if you wish. Your Arizona CCW Permit is good for 5 years, and may be renewed every 5 years after that. The Arizona Department of Public Safety allows you to start the renewal process 90 days before the expiration date. You are not required to complete another firearms training course as long as you complete the renewal process within the given time frame. Note, there is a 60 day grace period after the expiration date.

It may take AZDPS 75 days to process all renewal applications at this time. If you've started the renewal process or just realized that your permit is about to expire, there's a good chance your permit will be expired by the time they are able to process your renewal application. There is no temporary card or special exceptions. Your permit is expired until AZDPS issues you a new card.

We created our Concierge Renewal Service to help those in need, otherwise you will need to reapply as a new applicant all over again. We take away the guess work and stress in having to renew your Arizona CCW Permit in a timely manner.

If you are a Resident or Non-Resident in this situation, don't worry we can help. We can assist you with completing the AZ CCW Permit Renewal process directly with AZDPS minimizing any delays in receiving your new permit (approval within 1-2 weeks, versus 75 days), and gaps walking around with an expired AZ CCW Permit. We are are a trusted and reputable Arizona firearms training company, with over 550+ 5 Star Google Reviews.


  • We complete your Renewal Application to ensure it's completed quickly and correctly.
  • We help you submit all the required documents, so there are no delays in being approved.
  • We will cover the AZDPS $43 processing fee on your behalf.
  • By using our concierge service, your permit may be issued within 1-2 weeks versus 75 days if submitted by you.
  • Your new card will be in the mail within a week after your approval.
  • This entire process may be completed with one of our expert Renewal Specialists.
  • Our concierge renewal services are available 7 days a week. Same day service is available.
  • You're paying for convenience, speed, and peace of mind that your renewal submission is done quickly and efficiently. We determine which is the fastest option to renew for you.
  • Your permit is good for another 5 years.

Our concierge renewal service is ideal for those that want to make sure everything is submitted quickly and correctly. Simply purchase this service for $125 (fee includes AZDPS's processing fee of $43). Then one of our Renewal Specialists will contact you by phone and email on the the next steps. It's that easy!

If you are 61 days past the grace period, you will need to reapply as a new applicant. We can still help. Please contact us 602.300.3550 or email us at if you have any questions or need any further assistance.

Lea is the person that helped me out, she is very detailed to what I need to renew my CCW permit. She even answered my email on Sunday and some late afternoon. Now I just got my permit a month earlier. Compared when I did it myself and forgot some documents so it took an extra 30 days or so delayed because of my mistake. I highly recommend AZ CCW ONLINE. Very professional, all you need to do is send them the documents they ask and they will do the rest. Thank you again Lea, I will continue using you guys when I need my CCW renewal.

5 Star Google Review - JDiatoR


This was the best experience that I have had since having my CCW. Lea made things so incredibly easy for me on the things that I am hard pressed to get done. I will absolutely use them again when it comes up for renewal and make my life much easier with that. Thank you Lea!!

5 Star Google Review - Daniel "The Mayor" Darling


5 Stars because you can’t give 6! My AZCCW non-resident (I’m a NYS resident; yes, I’m sorry too…) permit was expired but within the 60 day window. I was very concerned because I know how busy CCW places are these days. I contacted AZCWWONLINE and spoke with Lea. She walked me thru the entire renewal process utilizing several emails and phone calls. Lea answered ALL of my dumb computer questions (I’m 71 and a techno illiterate) and took all of my calls with a pleasant and genuinely positive attitude. Lea and AZCCWONLINE will take care of you with personal and professional care. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you Lea!

5 Star Google Review - RJ Holtz


Fast, informed, courteous. My renewal went through blazing fast but I appreciated how they provided all the info up front on how to check on the status of my application if it had been necessary to follow up.

5 Star Google Review - Gregg Weidenmann


Very professional and I had my renewal permit in less than two weeks.

5 Star Google Review - Eric Loeffler


I wish Google allowed ten star reviews, because that’s what this high class operation deserves! From my initial email inquiry, to the helpful online course to the submission of my application to the AZ DPS, it was a very smooth process, made all the easier by Lea, whose timely and friendly replies to any questions I had …plus her guidance, made this the easiest renewal I have ever experienced. HIGHLY and happily recommend to all!!!

5 Star Google Review - Prof Mike


AZ CCW is the service you want to use for your CCW renewal needs. Also, if it’s your first time applying for an CCW in Arizona I would recommend their services as well. Let them navigate the uncharted waters for you to avoid rejection, or a lost application which could result in a gap between valid permits if you’re already a permit holder. Even if you forget to apply for a renewal in a reasonable amount of time before your current permit ends they have a course of action to get you back on the right track. There’s even an option to choose if you would like to receive an Arizona CCW class refresher voucher. Personally, I chose to get the refresher voucher as things in the 2A world change so rapidly. Why not get the newest information from the people who are the subject matter experts in the field. The staff over at AZ CCW are great. My initial encounter was just a phone call to get information. That gentleman was super professional, and provided great information. After making positive contact with the organization I felt it was the way to go. Once I returned home from Christmas travel reached out to begin the process. This is when I reached an AZ CCW representative by the name of Lea. She handled my request for a CCW renewal. This young lady is knowledgeable, professional, and very courteous. Oh, you are assigned a person that sees your request from beginning to end. Not passed around like a hot potato. She’s updated me throughout the entire process thus far. Oh, one other great thing about their process is that it’s all done online. I travel for work so I never know when I’ll be home, or for how long. This works out great for me. Let AZ CCW take care of getting you legal. They have the staff, and the know-how to get you where you need to be with your paperwork.

5 Star Google Review - E.B.


I purchased the CCW Online Renewal Service. From the moment I made the payment. every single part of the process was seamless and straightforward. Lea was extremely supportive throughout the process. She provided quick and clear email communications and was happy to answer any and all questions. She would even respond to email's after COB hours. All in all, the process was a breeze. I had such positive initial impressions, I even recommended my brother purchase the service and we ended up sending in our documents together. Overall, if your CCW is up for renewal or you are looking at any of their other services, I would highly recommend you use their services. They offer a very professional and efficient service. What a great customer service from your team,you guide me in the process of my CCW renewal, I will refer your company to my friends, thank you Lea.

5 Star Google Review - Mario Carrillo






Times have changed and more than ever and it's critical that you stay up-to-date on Arizona's current gun laws. Just as important as going to the range for practice, keeping informed of the laws is an vital part of being a responsible firearms owner and citizen. Our course is the BEST and ONLY Online AZ CCW Renewal Course Available! This course delivers Arizona's Best CCW Renewal Information in the most convenient format. Watch the easy and informative videos.

Taking another course is not required, to renew your permit. However due to high demand, we've made our online CCW Course available for RESPONSIBLE firearm owners who need to renew their Arizona CCW Permit and want to obtain current information and refresh their knowledge. The course you took 5 years ago may have been taught by a qualified instructor, perhaps with a Law Enforcement background or similar. This online CCW Course is taught from a legal perspective. There is no better way to learn about Arizona Laws than to learn from an active Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney, Judge Pro Tem, Arizona Ranger, AZDPS Certified Instructor and Master Level Competitive Shooter.

Just so you receive the best and complete information, this is the same Online CCW Course for new applicants. The course covers the critical aspects of Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S. Title 13, Chapters 4 and 31). Timothy Forshey delivers an impactful course based on current real-world experience with Arizona's Legal System. Right to the point, this class covers critical Arizona Gun Laws, Firearms Safety and the Legalities Of Use Of Force. Learn about traveling with a firearm, interactions with law enforcement and the mental and legal aspects of using a firearm for personal, home and family protection. This course includes, but is not limited to:


  • Safe Handling of Firearms
  • Safe Storage of Firearms
  • Selection of Firearms, Holsters and Ammunition
  • Maintenance/Cleaning of Firearms
  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Traveling with Firearms
  • Restricted/Prohibited Carry Locations
  • Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Deadly Force (Justifications)
  • Home Defense
  • Situational Awareness/Visualization Techniques/Confrontation Avoidance
  • Self Defense Tactics
  • Judgmental Hypotheticals


Taking this course online documents the fact that you have gone above and beyond to stay informed and that you are proactive in your continued education with regards with Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) and Firearms Safety. We've streamlined the entire process so NO Classroom, NO Instructor Meeting, NO Fingerprinting Required. The online course is quick, easy and informative to complete in just a few hours! Customer Service Agents and NRA Certified Instructors are available 7 days a week to assist with your questions! We have received over 500+ Google 5 Star Reviews!


  • Upon course completion, you will receive a downloadable AZDPS Renewal Application for you to complete.
  • You will need to submit a cashier’s check or money order made payable to “AZ DPS” for $43 with your application.
  • Simply mail the cashier’s check/money order and Renewal Application to CWPU: P.O. Box 6488, Phoenix, Arizona 85005.
  • Renewal application processing time is typically 75 business days, from the date that AZDPS Permit Units receives your renewal application. Note, current processing time is 120-180 days due to being short-staffed and backlogged at the moment.
  • Your permit is good for another 5 years, from date of the renewal.

Please contact us at 602.300.3550 if you have any questions. We are available 7 days a week. We'd love to hear from you!

Limited Time Offer: Get Course Now For $59! (Normally $100)

FREE bonus course covering NFA TRUSTS ($59 value) when you sign up for this course.



If you're question(s) haven't been answered on this page, please call us at 602.300.3550 or submit the inquiry form below.

Note: If you are looking for the status of your renewal, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM and please contact The Arizona Department of Public Safety directly for a status update.

Over 550+ 5 Star Google Reviews

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