Your Arizona CCW Permit is good for 5 years, and may be renewed every 5 years after that. The Arizona Department of Public Safety allows you to start the renewal process 90 days before the expiration date. You are not required to complete another firearms training course as long as you complete the renewal process within the given time frame. Note, there is a 60 day grace period after the expiration date. You are welcome to contact the state to complete the renewal yourself.

It is taking AZDPS approximately 75 business days or longer to process mailed applications at this time. If you've started the renewal process or just realized that your permit is about to expire, there's a good chance your permit will be expired by the time they are able to process your renewal application.There is no temporary card or special exceptions. Your permit is expired until AZDPS issues you a new card.

If you are a Resident or Non-Resident in this situation, don't worry we can help. We can assist you with completing the AZ CCW Permit Renewal process and hand deliver your renewal packet (bypassing The United States Postal Service or other mailer carriers) directly to AZDPS minimizing any delays in receiving your new permit and gaps walking around with an expired AZ CCW Permit.


  • We help expedite your renewal process by helping you complete the necessary documents.
  • We complete your Renewal Application to ensure it's completed correctly and on the most current form (there are outdated applications on the internet, incorrect applications will be returned by AZDPS).
  • We purchase a USPS Money Order for $43, complete it on your behalf and make you a copy for your records for tracking purposes.
  • We assemble and hand deliver your complete Renewal Application to a clerk at AZDPS's permit unit for processing (new permit is typically issued within 30-45 days, all dependent on clearing the FBI background check). If mailed by you, it may take approximately at least 75 business days or longer. Hand delivery service by us ensures AZDPS has received your renewal versus mailing the packet yourself (as it could get lost only delaying the process).
  • This process may be completed online/mail or booked with a brief in-person meeting with a Renewal Specialist at our Scottsdale office.
  • You have access to ask any questions you might have with one of our NRA Certified Instructors.
  • We are available to help 7 days a week, if you need further assistance.

Please know that AZDPS is doing their best to process all applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. We receive many phone calls and emails from expired CCW permit holders on a daily basis inquiring about the status of their renewal application. We are not the state, so we cannot help with providing a status update. Unfortunately. they mailed in their renewals many months ago and are having difficulty getting through the phone lines or response via email.

We understand the sense of urgency and now offer this service to those that want their renewal process to be quick and easy. Simply purchase this service for $125 (includes the Money Order for $43 and hand delivery to AZDPS). Then one of our Renewal Specialists will assist you on the next steps. It's that easy!




Times have changed and more than ever and it's critical that you stay up-to-date on Arizona's current gun laws. Just as important as going to the range for practice, keeping informed of the laws is an vital part of being a responsible firearms owner and citizen. Our course is the BEST and ONLY Online AZ CCW Renewal Course Available! This course delivers Arizona's Best CCW Renewal Information in the most convenient format. Watch the easy and informative videos.

Due to high demand, we've made our online CCW Course available for RESPONSIBLE firearm owners who need to renew their Arizona CCW Permit and want to obtain current information and refresh their knowledge. The course you took 5 years ago may have been taught by a qualified instructor, perhaps with a Law Enforcement background or similar. This online CCW Course is taught from a legal perspective. There is no better way to learn about Arizona Laws than to learn from an active Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney, Judge Pro Tem, Arizona Ranger, AZDPS Certified Instructor and Master Level Competitive Shooter.

Just so you receive the best and complete information, this is the same Online CCW Course for new applicants. The course covers the critical aspects of Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S. Title 13, Chapters 4 and 31). Timothy Forshey delivers an impactful course based on current real-world experience with Arizona's Legal System. Right to the point, this class covers critical Arizona Gun Laws, Firearms Safety and the Legalities Of Use Of Force. Learn about traveling with a firearm, interactions with law enforcement and the mental and legal aspects of using a firearm for personal, home and family protection. This course includes, but is not limited to:


  • Safe Handling of Firearms
  • Safe Storage of Firearms
  • Selection of Firearms, Holsters and Ammunition
  • Maintenance/Cleaning of Firearms
  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Traveling with Firearms
  • Restricted/Prohibited Carry Locations
  • Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Deadly Force (Justifications)
  • Home Defense
  • Situational Awareness/Visualization Techniques/Confrontation Avoidance
  • Self Defense Tactics
  • Judgmental Hypotheticals


Taking this course online documents the fact that you have gone above and beyond to stay informed and that you are proactive in your continued education with regards with Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) and Firearms Safety. We've streamlined the entire process so NO Classroom, NO Instructor Meeting, NO Fingerprinting Required. The online course is quick, easy and informative to complete in just a few hours! Customer Service Agents and NRA Certified Instructors are available 7 days a week to assist with your questions! We have received over 500+ Google 5 Star Reviews!


  • Upon course completion, you will receive a downloadable AZDPS Renewal Application for you to complete.
  • You will need to submit a cashier’s check or money order made payable to “AZ DPS” for $43 with your application.
  • Simply mail the cashier’s check/money order and Renewal Application to CWPU: P.O. Box 6488, Phoenix, Arizona 85005.
  • Renewal application processing time is typically 75 business days, from the date that AZDPS Permit Units receives your renewal application. Note, current processing time is 120-180 days due to being short-staffed and backlogged at the moment.
  • Your permit is good for another 5 years, from date of the renewal.

Please contact us at 602.300.3550 if you have any questions. We are available 7 days a week. We'd love to hear from you!

Limited Time Offer: Get Course Now For $59! (Normally $100)

FREE bonus course covering NFA TRUSTS ($59 value) when you sign up for this course.



If you are 61 days past the grace period, AZDPS requires that you reapply as a new applicant. Good news, you may take our online course so you may attest on the permit application that you have reviewed and are knowledgeable about Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Title 13 - Chapters 4 & 31. Then schedule your brief in-person CCW Verification Session to meet with an NRA Certified Instructor to answer any questions you might have pertaining to Arizona's current gun laws. It benefits you to meet with us as we offer fingerprinting service, complete document preparation, $60 money order and hand delivery service to AZDPS for expedited processing. We've streamlined the process to help you get everything done right all in one stop!

This is the fastest and easiest way to reapply your AZ CCW Permit. This process will save you much time, stress, and help you obtain your new AZ CCW Permit as soon as possible. Note, you will receive a new permit # when reapplying as a new applicant.


  • Sign up and complete our 3 hour online course 24/7. Course consists of 13 video sections which are very informative and easy to watch online from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • You have 7 days to complete the online course after you pay. Complete the course at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Upon course completion, you'll receive an automated email to book your brief in-person CCW Verification Session with one of our NRA Certified Instructors.
  • You will be issued a final certificate of completion to complete your certification. Should you ever find yourself in front of a judge and jury, having this certificate demonstrates that you are a responsible citizen with continuous firearms education and training.
  • We will provide you with a CCW Application Kit with all the required documents for you to complete and submit directly to AZDPS.
  • We offer these optional services to help you complete your fingerprints, complete document preparation, obtain your $60 money order and hand deliver your completed packet to AZDPS for expedited processing. We've streamlined the entire process all in one stop.
  • There is no deadline of when you must meet with us. But the sooner you do, the quicker you'll be able to submit all your paperwork into AZDPS so they may issue your permit.
  • Our course is rated as excellent! We have over 500+ 5 Star Google Reviews!

We understand the sense of urgency and offer this service to those that want the process in reapplying for a new AZ CCW Permit to be as painless as possible. Simply sign up and complete the online course for $59. Don't delay, get AZ CCW Certified today!



If you are a Non-Resident with an expired AZ CCW permit and cannot meet with us in person to complete your certification, we can still help. Please call us at 602.300.3550 or submit the inquiry form below if you have any questions or need any further assistance.

Note: If you are looking for the status of your renewal, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM and please contact The Arizona Department of Public Safety directly for a status update.

500+ 5 Star Google Reviews

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