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By far the BEST training you could possibly receive! The info you are provided is completely unbiased and is based on facts and truth and not on personal opinion. If you think you know your gun laws, you are wrong and they will prove me right. The course itself is taught by Mr. Tim Forshey and everything you learn is not only professional but it’s entertaining and extremely affordable. It’s like binge watching your favorite show, YOU CAN’T STOP and before you know it, it’s complete! Being very well informed is extremely important especially if God forbid you would ever have to put your training to use. Your future and your families future depends on it.

They handle all of your paperwork like it’s their own and walk you through the entire process start to finish. Even after everything is done you will have the opportunity to meet with Brett and Lea and have all of your questions answered accurately. You feel as though you have made quality friends that have your back and you’re not just another student. Don’t settle for misinformation this day and age. Go with AZCCWONLINE.COM and KNOW! I highly recommend this school above all others. They are doing great things here and you’re doing yourself and your community a great service by getting you CCW permit through them!

Google Review – Alex from Avondale, AZ

Candidly I wish I could add a few extra bonus stars to this review because AZ CCW Online and their employees clearly excel at their discipline and certainly have earned it. The materials are extremely practical, pragmatic and enlightening. The presentation of materials was thoughtful, well planned and targeted to the well-being of the participants and their loved ones. The instructor's credentials are impressive and extensive, yet presented clearly and specifically for every day life applications. This has been the very best online learning experience to date and I doubt it could be trumped. Special thanks to the AZ CCW Online team for their commitment to higher education and the safety of human life. Cheers!

Review - John from Chandler, AZ

Over the course of the last 40 years, I have held CCW permits from six different states. All having different requirements for obtaining the permit, training, etc. The online AZ CCW course was the most comprehensive of them all. The presenter was excellent and his examples and antidotes supported with real life experiences kept my attention from start to finish. Administratively the communication was out of this world. Professional, Guidance and Confirming emails at every step assured a pleasant worry free completion of the entire process.

Review – Dan from Casa Grande, AZ

Truly excellent content and presentation! In searching for a CCW class, I decided to take a local in-person class from a different provider. I completing the 5-hour in person class, but I was very disappointed with the quality and completeness of the class.

I knew I wanted a more complete understanding of Arizona laws related to CCW, so I signed up and took the online class from AZ CCW Online. Tim Forshey, a noted attorney, firearms instructor and MCSO volunteer was the instructor. The class was truly EXCELLENT! Very complete and presented in a logical fashion that made it easy to understand and retain.

My initial skepticism about an online class was completely wiped away. This is first-rate education from a highly qualified expert, and by taking the class on video you are able to pause or rewind to make sure you understand the points being discussed.

Perhaps most importantly, the instructor spends a lot of time talking about situational awareness, and how to deescalate situations. This was a very thoughtful approach, and makes you think about not just the rights but also the responsibilities that come with owning a firearm.

Google Review – Keith from Mesa, AZ

I searched high and low and their are many classes, teachers and locations. Fact is, I needed to seriously understand the AZ laws, study at my own pace and ask as many questions as I needed too. As an instructor, Tim was absolutely magnificent! Because of his teaching style and being an attorney and many credentials, I hinged on every word throughout the course. At the completion, I knew I made the right decision to choose THIS company hands down. I actually watched the entire course several times.

After passing the test, I made my appointment and went to sign the necessary documents where I was immediately greeted by Lea and Bret. This is when I understood who I needed to continue to conduct business and increase my knowledge and understanding of the many facets of firearms training after earning my AZCCW.

To Lea and Bret, not only were you both professionals, it was like we were neighbors. Solid communication, personable, detailed and fast. You both answered all of my questions regarding ongoing training and I appreciated how you treated me. I can not understate that enough. I didn't feel like cattle in stable as though I was getting lab work.😀💯

Knowing that I now have a resource for AZCCW questions and continued learning, we'll be talking and seeing eachother soon.

People of AZ, This team cares and makes the entire process simple. And again, I hoped I could meet Tim and I'm sure one day I'll have that pleasure to also shake his hand and thank him for a course we'll taught/done.

Review - B. G. (B-Rizzle) from Phoenix, AZ

I completed the online CCW course. The videos are very informative and are very engaging. The instructor keeps your attention throughout all the presentations. I paid the extra fee and had all of my paperwork prepared for me. This was a great process from start to finish. I have military and law enforcement experience and I would rate this course as excellent. I highly recommend this course for beginners as well as anyone with any firearms background. Thanks again.

Google Review – Ghost Rider Ordonez from Vail, AZ

This is an absolutely amazing course. Growing up as a girl in a suburban neighborhood I naturally had a fear of guns since the only time they came into my world was when bad things happened.

Now, as a women, I want to be able to protect myself and took this course to apply for CCW.

I can not recommend this course more! Not only did I learn more than I even imagined, but Tim’s approach to educating had me hooked like I was reading a juicy book I didn’t want to put down.

After the course and the in person session I feel so much more confident in my rights, my knowledge of AZ gun laws, and how to mentally condition myself for the worst case scenario.

I will be taking more of Tim's courses in the future and highly suggest you do the same!

Google Review – Sheanah from Mesa, AZ

I recently completed the CCW class online with Tim Forshey. I am rather impatient when it comes to doing anything online. It seems there's always some difficulty in getting what you want accomplished easily and quickly on line. I was so impressed with the ease of signing up for this course, taking the course and later completing the final paperwork at the Camelback offices. I've never completed a CCW before because it interfered with my schedule. Completing the CCW course online was extremely easy and manageable to do in the 7-day period of time that is allowed. The online course is so comprehensive and makes you think about every aspect of owning a gun. Tim knows the law and it comes across very clearly in the videos. He's also a firearms instructor so he is well equipped to present this course. After completing the course, you must go to their offices in Scottsdale to complete the paperwork and have your fingerprinting done. There are many flexible dates available . The entire process is extremely organized. Leah and Brett are very welcoming and friendly and very efficient. Mr. Forshey even came by the office and took time to answer our questions and visit with us. If you don't already understand your constitutional rights of gun ownership, the privilege of having a gun, and the serious responsibility of owning a gun and firing it, you will after completing this course. I highly recommend this course for all gun owners.

Review - Joan from Mesa, AZ

AZ CCW Online is an awesome course, it offers tons of information to someone new to the world of firearms to the most experience firearms carrier. The course is self paced and can be reviewed over and over something that can't be done in a classroom setting. The face to face meeting was very informative and walked you through the step by step process to obtain your CCW. I definitely recommend AZ CCW Online to anyone interested in obtaining a CCW or just to increase knowledge of the laws and awareness of CCW.

Google Review – Gary from Anthem, AZ

To all interested parties, I would like to take this opportunity to thank (Lea) and the staff at AZ CCW/Arizona Concealed Carry. The instructor that taught firearms safety was absolutely fantastic. His expertise in firearms safety is by far superior to any instructions I have encountered. He gives real life situations. The AZ CCW staff was by far superior. They are friendly and very helpful. I give them 5 STARS with an asterisk. Good job Lea, and again thank-you very much. P.S. they walk you through the whole process. They virtually whole your hand. I highly recommend AZ CCW to anyone. Be safe. Shalom!!!

Google Review – Edward from View Park, CA

AZ CCW Online is extremely organized, professional, and detail oriented. I previously served as a Sheriff Deputy Reserve in Bernalillo County, in Albuquerque, NM. Their online teaching has top notch instruction with practical application. The in person meeting to finish the required paperwork and fingerprinting was met with a friendly staff and very efficient. I would highly recommend this company for you CCW needs.

Google Review – jasgarc20 from Gilbert, AZ


This really was one of the better trainings I have attended and of course it is all online which is very helpful.

The instructors were of high quality and the operations staff handle your paperwork like it was their own. I had a great experience and will be recommending these guys to all family and friends.

This is not a education mill trying to just make money, they really treat you as a partner and build a relationship with you. They follow you throughout your CCW journey and become a great resource even after you are done!

Please if you are reading this review and are on the fence, let this be the reason you pull the trigger and just do it!

Google Review – Jacob from Chandler, AZ

Experience was awesome. Everyone was professional and explained the process of getting my permit for CCW. The online class was great I loved the whole thing and it prepared me for the actual quiz at the end. Came to the office and was greeted and provided more information on all the paperwork I needed to sign as well as getting my fingerprint cards. They actually took their time to make sure it was flawless and not just run with it if there was any mistakes. I definitely would recommend using this company for any CCW permits as it’s affordable and friendly staff. Thanks guys

Google Review – Timothy King from Maricopa, AZ

I looked up other CCW classes and most were very long and many didn't have any available seats. This class was available 24/7 since it was online. The online class was informative and entertaining. The online instructor's background included all aspects of criminal justice, and he shared his experiences. I took the online course in one evening; scheduled the Q & A the same week at one of their offices. I added the fingerprinting for an additional fee. This was so convenient to have the fingerprinting done right then at the office. When I arrived, the paperwork was already prepared for me, and they explained everything. I brought the money order needed for DPS with me. They compiled the entire application packet for me, with the fingerprints, all paperwork, and the money order, so all I had to do was take it to the post office. It took 3 weeks for me to receive my CCW permit; although, I'm told it may take up to 3 months.

Google Review – L K from Prescott, AZ

Great class! For a lifelong shooter, there were still some things I learned about the laws, procedures, and how to carry. Coursework contained practical, easy to understand, instruction presented in an interesting way.

AZ CCW was also made sure any questions were answered and they were super helpful in verifying I had all my paperwork correct and ready to submit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Google Review – Thane from Mesa, AZ

What a great experience from beginning to end! AZ CCW Online really made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and made the process simple for me. Lea and Bret truly offer one of the best customer service experiences I've been part of. If you're thinking of applying for your AZ CCW, look no further. I'd highly recommend Lea and Bret.

Google Review – Luis from Inglewood, CA

A very professional group and operation. Being new to the process they made it extremely easy to submit my paperwork for the permit. I would definitely recommend them to everyone wanting to get their CCW permit.

Google Review – Mel from Wadell, AZ

Informative, instructor was very clear in material given by the end of the course we felt comfortable with the knowledge and information presented He even had humor which kept your attention. Will refer this course to coworkers and family. Amazing customer service and very friendly and informative staff. Fingerprints and complete packet verified and ready to mail.

Google Review – M Jaxon from Phoenix, AZ

The online CCW course was great and very informative. Lea's level of communication is very customer-centric. I love that they offer fingerprinting services and will prefill your paperwork for you. The process was quick and easy and everyone was very personable and extremely professional. I would absolutely recommend them to my friends and family.

Google Review – Kyeasha from Chandler, AZ

CCW course was informative and not boring. Staff makes everything easy and they are very willing to help you with every step of the process. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Google Review – Myron Mosley from Phoenix, AZ

Very easy, very informative. I would recommend to anyone. They hold your hand all the way through the process to make it move. I signed up on Saturday and was done with class at noon and fingerprinted at my appointment the next day.

Google Review – Tiny Tim from Phoenix, AZ

Wonderful class and great group of individuals. The online segment was convenient and very well done. The meeting was quick and easy and everyone was great. Just received my CCW in the mail today and couldn't be happier. Highly recommend to anyone!

Google Review – Jon Herrick from Phoenix, AZ

The entire AZCCW process was flawless - I had a great experience! The online class was excellent and the instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. I had a business meeting in Phoenix and I was able set-up my personal meeting with the NRA instructor that fit my schedule. Thank you AZCCW Online - a 100% professional organization! Highly recommend!

Review – Jim from Greensboro, NC

I can’t say enough good things about AZ CCW Online. From the first contact with AZ CCW Online to the last, everyone was extremely courteous and professional. The class content was very relevant and gives the student valuable knowledge of Arizona specific laws. While I previously took advantage of Constitutional Carry while traveling in Arizona, I feel much more confident carrying concealed after taking this course. I also found the face to face component worthwhile and informative. The knowledgeable instructor was able to answer my follow up questions from the video portion of the class and provide some additional guidance. I have already recommended this course to several of my friends who thus far have had the same experience.

Google Review – Matthew from Hermosa Beach, CA

The process from the beginning to the end was made simple, fast and convenient. Both Lea and Bret made the in person interview an enjoyable experience. The online class was interesting and enjoyable and full of great information. Thanks . I would highly recommend this for anyone watching an Arizona CCW permit.

Google Review – Scott from Oro Valley, AZ

The course and the people are great. The course was very straightforward and taught you the key things you needed to know in an entertaining way. The people at the AZ CCW Scottsdale were extremely friendly and helpful. I have only good things to say about my entire experience with them.

Google Review – Cameron from Phoenix, AZ

My time with the wonderful folks at AZ CCW was fantastic! I am and was extremely grateful for all of the wonderful knowledge delivered by the instructor. As a legal scholar myself, the legal approach to the course is something I really enjoyed. Lea and Bret were wonderful as well in terms of assisting me at the Tucson office. I want to give a special shout out to Lea, however, as she has been absolutely solid and beyond from the beginning all the way through the end of the process. Answering every email and even going to extra mile to double back on anything I may have forgotten. I think people like Lea (and Bret I’m certain, though we didn’t get to spend as much time) are key to changing the image and perception of firearm safety in the U.S. Thanks again, y’all!

Google Review – Sher from Tucson, AZ

They made the process so simple for me. The course itself was convenient and informative. The paperwork process was all ready for me when I got there they had an envelope with papers ready to mail. I just had to sign and do fingerprints. I would no doubt do this again if I had to.

Google Review – Fred from Peoria, AZ

Brett and Lea are awsome and very professional i know after had my Q/A session with them that azdps chose fine individuals to allow to run there ccw process they answer every question you have genuinely and the process is not time consuming at all it was easy as 123. Thank you guys five service.

Google Review – Shawn from Las Vegas, NV

Awesome and very informative experience. Do to time and life restraints, I would not have taken a ccw class in person. The online class made it possible for me to see if ccw was right for me. The class was extremely informative way more than I ever would have expected. Getting a permit or not this class gave you all the information you would need to decide if it’s right for you or not. Just an awesome, very easy experience. Thank you for making this online class possible.

Google Review – Logan from Mesa, AZ

From start to finish…. Very informational, very practical. As a CCW holder for a while now…I still found many gems in the course. I showed up for my appointment over 30mins before, they still got me right in and out. Very kind, very helpful. I mailed my information Saturday Feb 6th right after our meeting and I received my permit today Feb 16th with a date of Feb 11 on the paper! That has to be a world record lol. Thanks for all your help! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Google Review – Jesse from Phoenix, AZ

This is an outstanding online CCW course! It exceeded all my expectation in terms of content and how easy they make the process. The gentleman who teaches the course packed in so much information in a short time, and while doing so applied to real life situations we all could find ourselves in. The people I met were extremely nice and knowledgeable, their entire operation is streamlined and organized. I’m glad I chose them.

Google Review – Jared from Glendale, AZ

The value of this class far exceeds the cost. Being online makes this convenient as it can be. No time constriction on watching the videos. I replayed the videos numerous times with the ability to stop at any point and rejoin. The information will serve me for years to come. Before taking this course I did not know what I did not know. I took six (6 ) pages of notes; not because I had to to pass but because of the amount of valuable information I need to sink into my thinking about CCW.

If you are serious about CCW you, your family and your empire need this information. Compared to the consequences that can come about from CCW, this is , mere pennies. Don’t jump in the water without knowing how to swim or knowing the depth. Even though my wife is not keen on CCW I am encouraging her to at least take this class. Anyone in favor of guns or CCW will find AZ CCW Online well worth the time and effort. Also kudos to the AZ CCW Online Team. Helpful beyond expectations: prior, throughout and ongoing.

Google Review – Michael from Phoenix, AZ

I can’t say enough how professional and complete the class and overall process was through AZ CCW Online was. Timothy Forshey was the online instructor and his mix of real world firearms experience along with his legal experience as a lawyer was true top notch. He is also a skilled presenter and made the class both fun and interesting. I took the class in one 3.3 hour sit down experience and took the exam right after with 100% success. He spoke well and kept the class fast paced and interesting. I had a few questions a long the way and Lea gave outstanding and immediate email/ text and phone support. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and a true professional. When Bret and Lea met with me for the face to face meeting in Tucson, the process was organized and crisp. They interleaved another applicant with me in my time slot and made the process seamless. Lea had some concerns with the fingerprint cards I had completed at the Pima sheriffs dept and made backup prints just in case. I would suggest using their fingerprint service versus others after seeing how meticulous Lea was with the overall printing process. Bret was equally professional like Lea during our face to face meeting. Both answered any and all questions professionally and accurately. I can’t say enough about my overall experience with AZ CCW Online. I was lucky and the overall process was superb. I received my permit so quickly due to Lea and Bret’s attentiveness to detail and clearly the AZ Dept of Public Safety CCW Permit dept was efficient and effective as well. I started the process on December 20,2020.....and have my permit in hand on January 2, 2021. KUDO’s to Lea, Bret, and Timothy!

Google Review – Craig from Tucson, AZ

I have taken multiple CCW courses (unfortunately, I always postponed the paperwork aspect of it). But this was by far my favorite course I’ve taken so far. The videos are laid out extremely well. And after you watch the videos and take a test, you go in to meet the team (specifically with a certified NRA instructor) and they give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Lea was extremely helpful, as was Bret. They answered all my questions and made sure I had LOTS of resources for myself. Such a nice office. I’m recommending them to everyone I possibly can.

Google Review – The Bearded Brick from Gilbert, AZ

Just absolutely top notch customer service! Most kind and helpful people. Lea big thank you!

Google Review – Christopher from Long Beach, CA

Highly recommend this class if you want to get your CCW permit. The online class itself was very informative and since the instructor is an attorney, his perspective on the legalities of concealed carry. The interview was a great follow up to the class, very helpful to get all the paper work together to send to DPS. Don't hesitate to take this class.

Google Review – Manny from Phoenix, AZ

Everyone NEEDS to take this course that is thinking about carrying a firearm and or even owning and storing firearms at home. knowledge is power and also responsibility. This class is a MUST and is has great CONTENT all around. Much to learn for sure and this class has it ALL.

Google Review – Michael from Scottsdale, AZ

I completed AZ CCW online course, and the experience was excellent. The instructor Tim Forshey was exceptional, highly knowledgeable, and very interesting. Lea and Bret were extremely professional and helpful with the ‘finals’ part of the process and the DPS paperwork. I couldn't ask for more. I would recommend the course to anyone – You will increase your knowledge and understanding, no matter how experienced you already are. Thank you all very much.

Review – Michael from Phoenix, AZ

I am blown away by how streamlined this service is. I took the online course on a flight from Phoenix to Miami and was able to finish my course and schedule my Q&A before my flight landed. The course is law based, explaining in detail how to be a responsible, common-sense gun owner while also detailing your rights and how to avoid legal trouble. The in-person meeting was just as great as the online course. I chose a location that offered the finger printing service. I showed up a little early and they were ready for me. They offered me the chance to ask any questions I had, which I did have, answered all of my questions within a very short period of time, accurately completed my finger print cards and printed me, and handed me a kit with an addressed envelope and detailed instructions for how to apply. They’re so professional and their system is so streamlined that I was able to take my kit straight to the post office and mail it to DPS directly after our meeting. I can’t tell you how IMPRESSED I am by the organization and professionalism of this team and I absolutely recommend this service if you’re considering applying for your permit. I believe AZCCW Online is a testament to the common sense approach we take to everything here in Arizona, and once you’ve completed your course, you’ll understand why Arizona is the best in this arena.

Google Review – Heather from Avondale, AZ

Great place to learn about a firearm. It really made an impact on my thought process of carrying a weapon. Lea and the other gentleman were very nice and helpful. I would recommend them anytime.

Google Review – Albert from El Paso, TX

Very good experience! Helpful, knowledgeable, professional presentation of course material. They stay with you through submission of application for permit. Face to face meeting a very positive experience that enabled me to ask questions and feel comfortable with entire process. I highly recommend AZ CCW Online / Arizona Concealed Carry Class.

Google Review – Theodore from Peoria, AZ

The AZ CCW Online course is amazing and so convenient during the COVID-19 pandemic where many people are trying to minimize contact.The videos were informative, engaging, and really easy to understand! The staff was awesome and handled every aspect of the process. Highly Recommended!

Google Review – Justin from Tempe, AZ

Excellent experience. Videos available on the internet are clear and comprehensive, and after-video questions checking comprehension are easy to understand and require reasonable answers that clarify how to stay out of trouble while using CCW. You are left with a good understanding of the legal, insurance and firearm handling pitfalls to avoid. They came to Southern California to do a straightforward completion interview, helped with the fingerprint cards, answered any remaining questions, and provided a nearly complete package ready to send off to AZ DPS after I filled out AZ required personal info. Clear, straightforward and well worth the cost. Also very nice, helpful people that made clear they are available to respond to questions or issues that come up later.

Google Review – Thomas from Whittier, CA

Very user friendly online class for CCW and personable staff when I had problems booking my in person meeting. I felt comfortable with them the entire time from arrival to departure. I would recommend this business.

Google Review - KynandToni from Tempe, AZ

I am so glad an online option for taking a CCW class exists. Especially during these times. I have a member of my family that has a compromised immune system, so I cannot take a chance and get sick. The instructor is nothing short of amazing. Most other CCW classes are taught by ex-law enforcement. This course’s instructor is ex-law enforcement turned lawyer who actively deals with many 2nd amendment cases. He also does competition shooting and is an NRA instructor. His insights into how the legal system treats someone with a CCW are extremely useful. The instructor is also great at anticipating any questions I had while taking the course. For instance I drive the 101 everyday and was wondering how concealed carry works when traveling though a reservation, how to behave during a traffic stop, and what will happen to me if I miss a business’s sign asking that I not carry. The instructor answered all of these questions and others. The fact that I could take the class at my pace was a big plus. I had 7 days to complete the segments. Each segment is a small self contained chunk of information that can be re-watched if an interruption occurs. In summary I really liked the class and I feel like it is a great value. My wife, my sister, and my brother in-law also took the course and they feel the same way. Stop making excuses for why you don’t have time to get your CCW and sign up.

Review – Kenneth from Scottsdale, AZ

I just got my permit in the mail! As a California resident, I wanted an AZ CCW so that I could travel with my family into state and national parks, campgrounds and remote areas. So I wanted to make sure I understood the laws and my rights. This blended learning course was perfect for my situation. Tim Forshey delivered an informative, memorable and fun course. The course even exceeded my expectations. They made it convenient (so I didn’t have to travel to Arizona) to meet with one of their NRA Certified Instructors for the brief in-person meeting, here in California. He reviewed my application and gave me the opportunity to ask questions related to my specific concerns was a major bonus. I highly recommend AZ CCW Online.

Google Review – Kenan from Vista, CA

They were real helpful in explaining the requirements for completing my CCW application. I was able to get the fingerprinting done at AZ CCW. I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance or needs questions answered.

Google Review – Enotah from St. Michaels, AZ

Excellent online course. Information presented in an easy to digest, remember, and apply immediately. Course topics were relevant, thus engaging. Instructions are detailed and they walk you through the entire process, application, and what to mail to AZ DPS. You will need to meet with instructor in order to get certificate. This is an Arizona State requirement. However, meeting is convenient and available times are granola enough to where it should fit easily into your schedule. I so not regret one moment of taking my course work through AZCCW Online and recommend them to everyone. Everyone I spoke to were friendly and welcoming. A+ for customer service, ease of use, and instructions on the entire process of getting my CCW permit.

Google Review – G Sleeve from Scottsdale, AZ

Very good class and no question was left unanswered. The meeting to pick up the certificates was casual and very friendly. Lea was very quick to send information out.

Google Review – Cindy from Prescott Valley, AZ

Very streamlined and helpful process. Their online course was filled with a lot of useful information that covers various subjects surrounding getting a CCW. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that wants to get a CCW!

Google Review – Quincy from Goodyear, AZ

Went to range day last week had a great time, shot the 50 cal. got all my paperwork met the best instructors ever and fingerprints. If you have not stepped up and secured right to conceal carry this is the place to get er done.

Google Review – Larry from Casa Grande, AZ

I can’t say enough good things about these guys (and gal)! I always prefer to support small family-owned businesses, but Bret and Lea really go above and beyond to take care of their clients. And most importantly, the instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and experienced, providing insight into the real world use of a CCW. Highly recommend!

Google Review – Anthony from Tucson, AZ

My experience was with the online course (great content and instruction) and then with Range Day and Tactical Therapy at Cow Town range. I was very impressed and appreciative of how friendly and helpful the entire group was… first class!! ~ Shane

Google Review – Shane from Phoenix, AZ

Great people, and great course. Online video lessons made it very easy and convenient. They streamline the process for me to get my CCW by even helping me get fingerprinted.

Google Review – Eric from Litchfield Park, AZ

A very good online course. By regulation you are still required to meet face-to-face before they will will be allowed to give you a certificate.

Despite that, and in all honesty, I found this to be an excellent course. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. It was very informative, very instructional, clear, captive, and complete. I am very glad to finally see such an informative and instructive online course on the matter.

My only suggestion would be to place a warning on the payment screen about the face-to-face requirement before the client has committed payment for the course. Perhaps in a pop-up, or a checkbox statement of understanding.

Google Review – Steve from Westminster, CO

Very informative and absolutely great folks. They were detailed and made everything super convenient for me. I was in and out with more knowledge and now I have a CCW on the way and safety knowledge. Thank you Bret and Lea!

Google Review – Adrian from Phoenix, AZ

The Best Online Course I have taken for CCW Permit. Instructor was very attentive and detailed covering just about every aspect of conceal carry law situations in the State of Arizona. Overall I learned a lot on this course I would recommend this online course 100 percent.

Review - Angel from Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for such a wonderful course! 

Review - Sheldon from Phoenix, AZ

I signed up immediately and within the first 30 seconds I knew this was worth every penny and not just because I also have an often mispronounced Irish last name. I’ve completed the first section and Tim is so good I’m guessing I’ll be done with the videos this weekend. This is extremely informative and frankly reinforces what I’ve learned to date and provides much more. Thanks for the fingerprinting info and everything mentioned on the phone. I’m looking forward to this!

(*continued feedback below after completing the online course)

I will tell you in all honesty that the class was so much more than I expected! The content was clear, fantastic pacing (I usually put courses on 1.5x speed) and Tim definitely went into the issues and areas I most wanted to cover. This was well worth the time and money to get a taste of the legal, liability, practical and psychological responsibilities of the CCW. I will take any class he offers and really would love it if he could offer more online classes.

Review - Sisley from Tempe, AZ

I work a lot of weird hour it's hard for me to be able to sign up for a traditional class setting and then this new CCW course AZ CCW Online was available. The course itself was amazing and the service after the course impeccable. AZ CCW Online is eager to assist you in every step of the way. I would recommend AZ CCW Online to anyone who is looking for a Concealed Carry Class...Thank you Tim Forshey and AZ CCW Online Team.

Review - Tracy from Mesa, AZ

Liked the presentation and will have my wife take the course. The classes we have taken in Colorado were more weapon oriented.

Review - Richard from Prescott Valley, AZ

I'm very happy to pass the course! Look forward to the meeting!

Review - Michael from Mesa, AZ

This was a very informative and helpful class. It is loaded with valuable information that any CCW permit holder should know. I really liked that it was mostly from a legal perspective. I took 12 pages of notes that will be a great reference in the future.

Review - Mark from Scottsdale, AZ

I signed up for the course! It’s great! He’s a great teacher, it’s full of excellent and important information and he’s quite funny too. I’m glad I found you folks! I’m on section 12...

Review - Michael from Cornville, AZ

I enjoyed the course and took careful notes. I was happy to score 100%!

Review - Dennis from Phoenix, AZ

I thought the course was great. All of the information was very well presented, and the course covered a vast amount of valuable information, including offering important book recommendations and areas of study to explore in the future.

Review - Mike from Sedona, AZ

I received my permit in the mail today! Thank you for your help.

Review - Don from Chandler, AZ

Wow! That’s fast. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the course. The material was great and the instructor really taught in a way to keep your attention all while conveying the information. I swear this guy is the same one who taught me the legal portion about 10 years ago at the Scottsdale Gun Club. He used the same key phrases that I couldn’t help but remember from last time. I’ll be recommending this ave. for permit acquisition for sure. Thanks again for all your help!

Review - Matthew from Vacaville, CA

Thank you so much for your very prompt reply. I did not have my phone nearby. It would have been great to chat with you. Thank you much for letting me know. I found the course very helpful and informative. I will definitely rewatch. It's a great course and personally I think it would benefit everyone who has any intention of carrying a firearm, concealed or not.

Review - Marc from Cave Creek, AZ

Excellent course!  

Review - Lynell from Tucson, AZ

I appreciate the follow up. I mailed the packet out Sat 9/19. I expect everything will go well. The UPS clerk was knowledgeable in his taking of the finger prints. It was a good recommendation... quick & efficient. It was a pleasure meeting you & Mr. Forshey, as was it a pleasure to sojourn in that corner of the country to do so. It was very beautiful. I took Mr. Forshey's suggestion of taking a trip out to the Grand Canyon while there. Words can not describe it. It was a sight, to say the least.

Review - Stephen from Boothwyn, PA

It was a great course and I love the reading recommendations. Thank you for taking the time to update me on the package status, and for the URLs to the book recommendations —  some of those are definitely getting added to my reading list.

Just wanted to let you know the good news. I received my AZ CCW permit in the mail yesterday (coincidentally the same day my CA permit was approved and issued) ! Thank you for going above and beyond to help me get this problem solved. I hope the new regulations/politics doesn’t make things impossible for your business. What a time we are in. Covid, politics and an election year to top it off. Anyway, take care and good luck.

Review - Justin from Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you for the prompt follow up. I enjoyed the course and learned quite a bit!

Review - Anthony from Tucson, CA

Sweet! Thank you for all your help. It's greatly appreciated, you've made this process tremendously smoother and seamless! 

Review - Andre from San Jose, CA

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